Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylish short hairstyle trends


This is a funky update of the classic pixie hairstyle. Perfectly suited to super-straight hair types, this cut takes the pixie haircut and exaggerates the layering involved to create a dramatic look that is both soft and funky. The hair can be passed through a flat iron to give it a super-smooth finish and then a bit of styling wax is used to add some definition and ‘sharpen’ the ends of the style, after blowing-out the cut.


This soft, short style combines blunt cut fringes and soft layering to give a light feel to the hair. This is a haircut that works really well on straight hair types with fine to medium texture. Using a large round brush in the back to create a gentle curve in the hair, the short hair should be styled by blow-drying it straight,