Friday, March 4, 2011

Braided Bliss

Do your braids need a revamp?
For some girls, braids are their go-to style for simple elegance. Perfect for hot summer days, lengthy style sabbaticals, or that nerve-racking transitioning period, braids provide a much needed pause of fussing over their own hair–but don’t be fooled! This woven style also needs to be maintained. Here’s our tips for braided bliss!

* Don’t skip your routine wash! While your hair may be twisted, your scalp still needs some TLC. If you’re afraid of unraveling massage soapy water (mix 2 cups of water with a healthy portion of your favorite shampoo) onto your scalp, working one section at a time. By controlling water flow, you prevent disturbing delicate styles.
* Take time to set your hair. While braids may be fuss free, you should still tie up hair at night to preserve the style. Plus–if you struggle with acne-prone skin, keeping hair away from the face is one step toward preventative care.
* Scalp itch driving you mad? Try our Braid Relief Spray, which alleviates itching with our “Feel-It” formula. The tingle treats hard to reach areas, and provides much needed comfort from itching.