Friday, March 4, 2011

Boho Braids

New York – among the hottest styles this summer will be the, very cute and easy to do, Boho Braids or the asymmetrical haircuts
. It is a side swept single braid that brings out your coif a little edge. Boho braids is such a good hair style anyone with medium to long hair. It does not work that well on short hair for the braid needs to be swept over to one side and go behind the ear.

Asymmetrical haircuts can be included in any soft waves, including natural, messy updos, or just a messy bun. To aim the messy updo with the boho braid, begin by spritzing your hair with a shine enhancer after you have rinsed it.

Bring in a dime-sized amount of mousse or gel and scrunch up your hair with your hands. Flip over your hair over for even further volume, and blow dry.

Take a 2-4 inch part of hair right at the front end and braid it over to the other side. Make certain you braid it all the way to the end. Pin the braid behind the ear, and you are all set. Boho Braids or the asymmetrical haircuts are great for the summer for they keep the hair out of your face, as well as breaking you a chic and elegant do that you are able to wear anytime during the day.