Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Justin Bieber New Hairstyle 2011-Photo

Justin Bieber Shaved Head 2011, Justin Bieber fans around the world will gasp in horror when they see these pictures off of Justin Bieber visiting Jimmy Kimmel, which airs on Channel 15 in Tempe, on the night of Thursday. The talk show host was in rare form when he spoke of the singer in him to shave his head.Justin_Bieber_Feb11news

Do not worry. It was a gag appearance. It does not look bad if bald. Justin Bieber has been out touring the talk shows this week as he promotes the release of his documentary about his life in 3D, “Never Say Never”.

This film has now reached the theaters today, and fans of the singer teenager can see the theatrical release across the country. In Tempe, moviegoers head to your local Harkins for this movie.

Justin Bieber bald images are nightmarish for girls fan. The look bald Justin Bieber certainly attracts fewer girls than his hairstyle now iconic. In fact, the hair is probably well known that it is, that even Tom Brady was accused of having ripped off. Finally, they will need a small incision, or maybe even a little slick it back, but this nightmare scenario is probably one way off. However, the fear of bald Bieber has already been exploited, while he and Jimmy Kimmel terrified girls fan on Thursday.

The icon was from everywhere to promote “Never Say Never” lately. He took part in a large number of waterfalls along the way he pretends to Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” and has even won over the Church Lady on “Saturday Night Live”

However, identity theft bald Bieber contributed to land another blow viral Kimmel. While the limited broadcast two nights ago, it is just now taking off-line, if only for shock value. As it must be the only time the star interpolation is permitted without hair, it will be an object larger collection.
It was suggested Justin Hair Cuts Jimmy and Jimmy said, “I thought, instead of us sing the song it would be fun if I actually did cut his hair.”

Kimmel then stood up with a pair of scissors and he seemed to cut Justin’s hair. The couple then decided it would be fun to shave the entire head.

After the break advertising, Bieber was seen wearing a cap of skin color, suggesting they had shaved heads.