Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyles & Fashion

Celebrities always grab our attention at red carpet and awards events. The dresses and gowns
are always so glamorous. And the hairstyle
are always eye-catching and trend-setting examples for all of us normal people to copy.

It must take hours for celebrities to get ready for awards events. They probably pick out dresses months in advance and schedule an appointment with a hair stylist even years in advance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyles

He hopes that the stars are trendy hairstyles, even trendy. Start in the top experts get their hair, and the money to buy the best products of hair styling and treatments. If you are wondering what is fashionable hairstyle are, so watch celebrity hairstyles is a good starting point.

Une parisienne à Londres : insolites et coups de coeur

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sixties Hairstyles

The hairstyles in the 60’s decade were a lot different than they are today. Most haircuts were really graceful and elegant for both genders but like today, people put a lot of thought and effort into taking care of their hair. However, a lot of celebrities try to make a modification of various elegant 60’s hairstyles and make it innovative in their own unique way and some are successful at doing this as well.

60’s hairstyles aren’t that common today on a day to day basis but do get worn for those special occasions like weddings, proms, graduations, or any night that is special for whatever reason it may be.

A lot of the 60’s hairstyles were a modification of the 50’s hairstyles and were in a move towards being frizzy and really crazily out of control, basically the look for the hippie age. The hippie hairstyles came in the late 60’s and the beehive stayed quite a popular hairstyle for women and was a basic but graceful hairstyle that would keep their hair from getting in their face and still keeps themselves looking good. For men, the Beatles started getting more popular and therefore, a lot of people would follow their hairstyle and instead of having the marine cuts, people started to grow their hair longer and then it got so long that they had hippie hairstyles.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hairstyles for African American Women

There are a variety of styles which are created specifically to contend with the hair types and textures of African American Women, as there are certain issues which are faced by many African American women when it comes to styling their hair, due to the textures which are created in the hairstyles. With the thick and textured hair that has become a trademark of most African American women, it can be hard to find styles that suit the type of hair.

While choosing a hairstylist, take into account the hairstylists’ ability to style African American hair, as well as the ability of the hairstylist to become familiar with styles that are suited to thicker and textured hair. Does the hairstylist work with a variety of clients, with a variety of hair types? In this case, it can be essential to make use of certain hair cutting techniques that are specific to these types of hair. Speak with stylists and don’t be afraid to ask questions about certain

What should you take into account when styling hairstyles for African American women? Deep conditioning treatments can greatly improve the ability of the hair to be styled with ease. Throughout these treatments, the hair can become manageable and easy to work with through the nutrients which are infused into the hair follicle. Many women feel that their hair is otherwise unmanageable without these treatments. Conditioning treatments are often combined with chemical treatments which are used to straighten the hair. Through these chemical treatments which are used to straighten the hair, many women experience a dryness throughout the hair follicle and therefore require the deep conditioning treatments to maintain the styles that have been created

Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Men Medium Hairstyles

Medium length hair on men can be perplexing as it isn’t short and it isn’t long so depending on the men’s hairstyle it might appear to need a cut. Style for the medium length hair on a man can differentiate between a man’s actual hairstyle or the ‘too broke, too busy or just too plain lazy to get a haircut’ look but fortunately it’s a very forgiving length. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Skeete Ulrich and Matthew Mcconaughey are only a few examples of how medium length mens hairstyles hair can be laid back, non fussy and downright sexy. 

Depending on the quality and quantity of hair, some men’s medium length hairstyles may be a bit less maintenance than their shorter low maintenance counterpart as they don’t struggle to maintain a style as rigidly as short hair. The longer the hair on a man, the easier it is to adopt a more relaxed look and fancy it up for special occasions by using hair products to keep it in place.

Black Man Hair Style

Black men's hair styles may at first seem bland and unimaginative, but there are actually many style variations available for personal expression and individuality that take into account the specific needs of African-American men.African-American hair is naturally very curly and the curls have the strength to last through many different styles. While this may be desirable for women's styles, many men prefer short, discreet styles and tight curls may be a problem. Some men, on the other hand, embrace the natural vitality of their hair and proudly sport ethnic black styles that suit their personalities.

The best hair style is one that is suitable for the individual's face shape and hair care preferences. For example, a long, round afro may not be the ideal choice for an individual with a round face, because it will only accentuate that shape. At the same time, someone with a very narrow face may seem disproportionate if they choose a large afro. Furthermore, afros and cornrows require rigorous care to keep looking their best, while shaved styles, shaved heads, and buzz cuts need frequent trims to be stylish.
Natural Afro Longer Natural Afro

Styles can be adapted to different men's preferences, however. A smaller afro could have tapered sides to better suit particular face shapes, and a buzz cut could have a longer top to help elongate a face and reduce the frequency of trims.

Man Short Hairstyle,Man Short Hair Style

A short hairstyle for men is usually a crew cut, spikes or anything David Beckham is sporting at the moment.  But thanks to evolving times, a short hairstyle is no longer only for military men, “mama’s boys or preppy college students.  Short hair on a man can look sharp, classy and even edgy if styled right.  It’s the perfect length for a no fuss no muss man with a busy lifestyle.  Fortunately, men’s hairstyles are not as complex as a woman’s but there is still a wide range of options to spice up any man’s short hairdo.  Whoever said a man’s short hairstyle had to be simple clearly doesn’t research pictures of hair styles on the internet or magazines. 

Parted on the right, on the left, spiked up, brushed down, bangs combed forward, gelled back – there are many possibilities.  Styling aids such as men’s hairstyle products are a fabulous way to enhance hair of any length and can be used as a part of a daily practice.  In a worse case scenario, there’s always the ‘bad hair day’ hat routine but with some fun product exploration and hairstyle photos, a short haired man is sure to have few of those.

Mens Hairstyles Photos

Men’s hairstyles have come a long way since the ever famous 1950’s pompadour and now more than ever before, hairstyles that were once seen on women alone are equally as popular on the heads of the opposite sex. Oh how times have changed. Men’s hairstyles are no longer limited to crew cuts or buzz cuts. They now can wear their hairstyle bowl cut, spiked up or long and flowing like the infamous Fabio. Although men generally have short hairstyles, it doesn’t mean they don’t face certain styling challenges as women do.

It seems that getting the perfect haircut plays an important role for both women and men alike. Similarly, even if men are most often seen with shorter hair, it doesn’t mean that short hair will suit every man. The right hairstyle choice still has to follow the face shape and features guidelines to be pulled off successfully.The best hair design for any mans head is to part it where it splits naturally, whether it’s the middle of the head or the side. This style is simple yet classy and really a reflection of the hairstyles seen in the 1940s and 1950s. Let’s call it the Humphrey Bogart era or Al Capone look.

Hot Mens Hairstyles

Some of the factors like age, facial structure, clothing, and complexion greatly effects men’s hairstyle. Considering these factors men can choose from the huge selection of hairstyles.Many men prefer to wear shorter hair because it can take years off their appearance. Below are some examples of short hairstyles favored by men who want to look younger than they are.

Smith, WillFacial shape is the baseline of any hairstyle. Men can have various face shapes like oblong, square, oval, round, triangular, diamond and pear shapes. Depending on these facial shapes men can select the most flattering hairstyle, trendy style and funky color for their hair.

Hot Mens Hairstyles

Mens Hairstyles

Mens Hair styles

Hot Mens Hairstyles

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back view of triangle angled multi-colored hair

MY06:g35, originally uploaded by mariayuspeluqueria.

Here's the back view of this red, orange and brownish hair.

Angles in back (looks like an M) and comes to a point in the center.

wild colorful short hair.

Multi-colored hair short shag haircut (photo)

MY06:g37, originally uploaded by mariayuspeluqueria.

Red, orange and brown in this geometrical haircut.

Love the bangs. Front view.

Short funky hair, haircuts, hairstyles. The back of this cut is above.

Curly Color Side View (photo)

Curly Color, originally uploaded by Fancy! Salon.

Haircut and Color by Sylvia Bueno

Beautiful curly long hair!

Haircut ideas for long hair curly.

Graduated Bob - cute short bob

Graduated Bob, originally uploaded by Fancy! Salon.

Love the angles on this

cute style!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Explanaçoes fotograficas sobre Outlaw Blues de Bob Dylan

jackete: ASOS

                              Well, I might look like Robert Ford
                               But I feel just like a Jesse James