Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tips For Retouching Your Hair Color

Hair Color5

If you color the hair yourself, you can use the same product and follow the instructions. You probably may not need to whole bottle of color; in most cases, 1/4 of the product is enough.

Hair Color1

You can use less than the total bottle if you mix color and developer in right proportions. The color systems usually come with two main bottles: the color and the developer.

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You will need a brush to apply the color to the michaels; you can buy it at a beauty supply store or buy a Clairol system to retouch – it comes with a brush that you can wash and reuse.

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Follow the timing instructions on the packaging. Most products will tell you to put the color on the michaels for 10 to 15 minutes and then apply more color to the rest of the hair. You do not necessarily need to apply to the rest of the hair all the time.

Hair Color

You can see if the color on your hair still looks good; if it looks good, skip this step and leave the color on the michaels for the total time.


It is believed that to rinse the color off the hair, cold water is better. This way the color lasts longer.

hair color tips

Remember to use a conditioner after washing off the color; you do not need to use shampoo; only water and deep conditioner at the end.