Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emo Quotes for life

Emo quotes are brief messages that aim to express the deep emotions felt by members of the emo culture. In just a few words, these quotes can reveal considerable emotional depth. Thus, they are frequently used by members of the emo community for a variety of purposes. Frequently, quotes are incorporated into an emo tattoo.

In essence, this makes the message in the quote a part of that person. Emo quotes are also frequently enhanced through graphic design and posted to websites, profiles, and blogs. This is one way emo youths express themselves on the web.

Quotes may also provide inspiration for emo artwork, poetry, and music. In fact, many emo songs share their titles with emo quotes. The subjects of emo quotes vary greatly. However, most are focused on the negative emotions that the emo culture attempts to understand and express. Thus, quotes may focus on inner pain, family disruption, lost love, failed friendships, and other negative experiences.

However, this does not mean that emo quotes are trying to send a poor message. Rather, they are trying to help people deal with their emotions and contemplate their feelings to they can ultimately move towards a happier, healthier way of seeing the world.
And since this blog is dedicated to the Emo Hairstyles, here are some great examples of Emo Hairstyles for both, Emo Girls and Emo Boys. Enjoy the pictures!
Emo Girl Hairstyle

Cool Emo Girl Hairstyle

Blonde Emo Boy

Great Emo Hair

Blonde Emo Girl

Cool Emo Boy Hair

Emo Hair with Spikes

Emo Friends