Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EMO hairstyles Lenght and Color

Length of emo hair: Emo Boys usually keep their hair longer than other ordinary non-emos. Hair should be especially longer around your ears and in front of your face, by doing that you'll achieve so called »face cover effect«. Emo Girls usually wear either very short or very long emo hair, medium length is becoming more and more popular but short and long emo hairstyles are still the most popular styles with emo girls.
Emo Couple
Color: It's almost a tradition and simple rule that both emo boys and emo girls should dye their hair coal black. But new trends are becoming more and more popular and colors are not exception. Right now there is just one simple rule, more outrageous colors means more emo, this stands especially with emo girls and not so much with emo boys. Pink, bright red, stark blonde or blue it really doesn't matter even multi color emo hair is "in".
Black Emo Hair
Cute Emo Hair