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Bob Hairstyle Pictures


Bob Hairstyes

Bob hairstyle is the most fashionable style with hairs falling down between ears and the chin. The style was invented in Paris in 1909 by a famous hair dresser Antonine but was made widely popular in 1920s as a sign of women's liberty. The style has regained popularity and has discovered many versions of the original bob cut.

Among all the latest trends in hairstyles bob cut has made a benchmark in the fashion industry. These hairstyles fit just about any face, color and lifestyles, giving a completely new look to the wearer. Traditional, short bob hairstyles comprise of short, sleek and severe cut with hair being cut uniformly. It goes well with any age group, hair type, hair length and facial structure.

The most popular bob hairstyles, running the trend of bobs, are inverted bob and angled bob. Inverted bob hairstyles are the most stylish and elegant. It is cut in a manner that hairs are stacked in the back adding volume and texture in the crown. Angled bob hairstyles add drama, flair and class to the personality of the wearer. Hair is evenly cut at a slight angle with hairs slightly longer at the front. It is a versatile cut that is easy to wear and maintain.

Another popular bob style is the chin length bob in which hairs are falling down the chin from both the sides. This style highlights the chin length and looks great on all. Today with various variations, the brand new bob has also come up. This particular hairstyle is designed by cutting the hairs in a rounded perimeter with hairs falling to the shoulders. Bob cuts also look graceful and classy with bangs, side parting, curls, waves and layers. Among all the new, modern and classy hairstyles inverted bob is the hottest, sophisticated and eye-catching hairstyle.

Here are some important suggestions for bob hairstyles that should be considered for longer lasting and better looking hairdos.

o If the hair is thin add layers to the cut. Layered locks produce a better effect and add volume to the hair cut.

o For square shape faces try brand new bob. Hairs falling on both the sides frame the face and enhance the facial features.

o Curls and crimp will produce a different effect, so try out a change in hairstyle.

o Go for hair color and highlights if the current hairstyle seems to be boring.

o Angled bob adds volume at the front and inverted bob adds volume in the crown, so consider the face structure before going for any of these bobs.

o Shampoo and conditioner the hairs well to retain moisture and beauty of the hair.

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Hairstyles from the 78th Annual Academy Awards

The 78th Annual Awards is a great gala of great looking celebrities. Everyone is dressed their best and have some of the hottest hairstyles. We will take a quick glance at some of the hottest looks for male and female nominees. We start with the best female celebrity hairstyles and there are a huge selection to chose from.

Lets start with two England stars Rachel Weisz and Keira Knightley, two great actresses. Rachel Weisz's tie back chignon style was very sleek and tight. The hair is brushed up and arranged smoothly as to present her facial area with much distraction. A very cute look with complex tie back. Keira Knightley's look is quite different with split bangs and a pony tail. The hairstyle is not as elegant as the one from "Pride and Prejudice" but is still beautiful. Now we go to great blond hairstyles presented by some of the bigger names. Charlize Theron presented two great looks, the first one before presentation with split hair and crunches all around. Her second look during presentation was with split bangs and a very elegant updo. Reese Witherspoon is as usual with a very great hairstyle to match her homely nature. Her simple elegant updo presents a southern touch similar to her "Sweet Home Alabama" hairstyle. Two hot divorcees that any man would be more than happy to pickup include Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman each with simple, flowing hairstyles slightly sweeped on one side. Both are great looks that are not too fancy. Jada Pinkett Smith shows a very sexy, sleek hairstyle that is sweeped to one side with a simple tie back as well. There are many more hot looks as well. Now lets name those women's hairstyles to avoid. I found Dolly Parton's hairstyle that only she can pull off and definitely no one else should even try. Jessica Alba and Amy Adams both had updos that were not as flattering to their face. Both were not done well and too high for miss Alba's. These hairstyles could have been done better.

When it comes to the male celebrity hairstyles, there are a variety of great looks. We start with Jake Gyllenhaal who had a very clean, hairstyle that did not match his slight beard growth. Luke and Owen Wilson presented two very different looks during their presentation. Luke presents the sleek, clean hairstyle while Owen has the wild long hair. Although Owen has done his hair better at other events, they both have descent hairstyles. Now on to the male hairstyles that were not so appealing. Tim Burton is a crazy guy and so is his hairstyle. Most guys should try to avoid this look. Also, Heath Ledger's was just not his best look. With so many prior great looking hairstyles, this one is just not a good one. This hairstyle was more sloppy and just not as appealing. One look that really surprised us was Tom Hank's long hairstyle that just did not seem to fit him. The look was more fitting on Tom Cruise but just not as fitting on Mr. Hanks which shows long hairstyles are not great on all guys.

Well this concludes the quick run down on Academy Award hairstyles. Until the next major celebrity event, keep your eyes peeled on those movies and big names in them.

Cindy Marcus is the editor of, a popular resource for hairstyles providing tips and resources for new style ideas. For more coverage on the 78th Annual Academy Awards hairstyles and to see other celebrity hairstyles, visit Cindy's site today.

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Amazing Japanese Girl Hair Shampo

Amazing Japanese Medium Hair Style

Amazing Japanese Hair Cuts

Amazing Japanese Girl hair Picture

Amazing Japanese Girl Hair Salon

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short hair for summer (photo)

short hair, originally uploaded by .valerie..

Cutest short haircut! This really makes her eyes stand out. LOVE IT!

Photo note:

For those of you finding me through a search on "short hair", I got this cut at the Space Salon in Soho back when they charged a lot less ( Required minimal upkeep - just regular haircuts and a bit of styling wax. I have since grown it out, but it was fun for a while!


This is probably one of my favorite styles I've seen in a while for women who want shorthair. It really highlights her face (great for oval faces, btw!)

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Une renarde dans le jardin

Shorts: Farm/Necklace,  Hat, Shoes & blouse : UrbanOutfitters/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Bag: vintage

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2nd place with most visits - Curly haired "street" bob.

Here's #2 for most all time visits on this hair blog-- and this is a great haircut for curly haired women.

See it here.


New Stats on Blogger - And the winner is?

This is the post that most people go to on my site.  Interesting as it's the back view of a bob haircut with a bit of layers.

Here it is if you want to see it for yourself...

Since the stats are new, I'm interested to see if this changes.


The blue Pontiac

Shorts: ASOS/ Tee: Cavalera ( summer 2008 collection) Flats & Flower: H&M/ Watch: Casio/ Sunnies: Clubmaster Ray Ban

Last week  my  Pirate Boots Viviane Westwood arrived!!!!!
Couldn't wait for next Fall.???!!!!  Of corse not!
few week ago I received a email from Hervia saying my pirate boots from VW where in stock again! I waited for almost 6 months for them!!!
I'm So happy!!
I know, I know its almost 40 degrees outside ... but pirate boots Viviane Westwood ! You all must think i'm crasy!! I am !!!! :D

Pirate Boots Viviane Westwood

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lady gaga hair bow (photo)

lady gaga hair bow, originally uploaded by xxclothesxxshoesxx.

And if you want to get your own hairbow (they come in different colors)

Check otu this photo note:

Lady Gaga Hair Bow! Buy from

Lady Gaga Bow-Tie Hair

Lady Gaga Bow-Tie Hair, originally uploaded by sepiabb.

You can buy these hairbows now, Lady Gaga inspired

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Katy Perry bob with bangs hairstyle (photo)

Katy Perry, originally uploaded by reyesking.

PHoto note:

Enjoy the pictures of Katy Perry at the San Remo Song Festival (February 17).

Visit for more celebrity photos! Get Hollywood gossip on famous people, find Hollywood celebrity pictures.

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katy perry hair with bangs, long & layered (photo)

katy perry, originally uploaded by capellidavivere.

Easy going long hair with bangs. Singer Katy Perry hairstyle.

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I wish our orbits would colide

Dress: Zara/Watch : silver casio/Necklaces: Urbanoutfitters/ Flats: H&M/ Flower: H&M/ Sunglasses: vintage