Saturday, May 1, 2010

straight long hair

Getting hair straight is somehow difficult if you have naturally curly hair. Still the hair can be straightened with the help of certain tools and equipment. To blow dry the straight hair is also a technique, which requires good amount of patience and hard work. if you have a large number of curls on your head, it is more difficult to get them straight. So, let’s start blow drying your hair straight. You need certain hair products and tools to perform the straightening of hair.

The required tools and other products for straightening the hair include a hair dryer with a nozzle to concentrate the airflow. A round bristle brush, the size of which has to be in accordance to the length of hair. A large pad brush is required for final smoothing of the hair. Some clips are needed to keep the unwanted hair out of the selected sections. To protect the hair from moisture and to keep them holding for longer, a mousse is also required. Also, a gloss or oil is required for a smooth finishing. Now when you have arranged all the desired products, you can start up with the blow-drying your hair straight. Though, there are different methods of blow-drying but here we will discuss one of the easiest for you.

Shampoo and condition your hair using a normal type or one that is designed for smoothing and straightening, which can be easily procured from the market. Now untangle your hair with a large toothed comb and then dry your hair with your finger until it gets almost dry. Now, apply a thermal protection spray to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Now separate the hair into different sections and clip all the sections. Then, choose a section, which is around 5 cm of width. Make it sure that the section is completely covered along with the width of the hair brush. Now, drag the brush over the surface of the hair from roots to the ends directing the brush towards shoulders and do form the tension on the hair. Now, wind the hair around the brush from ends to scalp but make it sure that the ends do not bend. Use other hand to keep the hair smooth and straight.

Unwind the brush revealing a length of hair about 2 inches that is required to be blown-dry. Do not let the tension get disturbed as it will help to straighten the hair. Now, take the hair dryer with attached nozzle and blow dry the section under the tension. The air flow has to be directed towards the ends of the hair. You are blow-drying your hair between the scalp and the brush but do not dry the hair held over the brush which at this point is to be treated as the gripping tool and not the combing one.

In any case, if you tend to get the frizzy pieces of hair, then move the hair dryer to hold them straight. Keep the hair dryer at least 3 to 5 cm away from the hair, otherwise it may burn your hair. Carry on to blow dry the lengths of your hair in the similar fashion from scalp to the brush. Now, the moment has arrived that the whole section has been formed straight and only the ends are left so decide if you wish to have the ends turned in or turned out. Just bend the hair around the brush and blow them dry. Otherwise to get the straight sleek look, keep the brush beneath the ends and do not roll the brush around the hair and blow the dryer keeping them straight. Now, let the hair fall freely and do not disturb them until they are extremely cool. Repeat the same treatment with other sections of the hair to finish all the sections of your hair. Finally, you have finished with getting the straight hair; apply a gloss or oil to protect the recently straightened hair from the moisture and forming unwanted tangles and horrible frizzes.