Saturday, May 1, 2010

long hair wedding

The looks for this winter season are blazing hot, think sultry starlets of the fifties with lustrous waves, buns in all shapes and sizes and hair laden with baubles and bling. Having scoured the magazines and fashion shows I’ve put together my top three looks that work for both short and long hair and how to achieve them in less than fifteen minutes flat. It’s time to ditch the hairdresser and embrace the hairspray.

1. Get Your Buns In Shape

The Look: Relax no exercise involved, this season the classic bun is making a come back with some new twists. The starlet bun as I have named it can be worn in a variety of different ways. A twist in the centre to the top of the head, low in a smooth knotted style, or with a fringe at the front and knotted in a messy beehive at the back. For a clean, classic yet feminine bun that will finish a little black dress or sexy suit; simply follow the steps below.

How to do it: Style while your hair is still damp. Brush your hair back into a firm pony tail; try to get some height in the front to elongate your face (this is particularly important if you have a round face). Secure your hair with a quality elastic preferably something that has a non slip surface, there is nothing worse than a bun that is drooping or coming out as the day or night progresses. Once in a ponytail part the hair in two and smooth with hairspray or shine serum. Plait each section and continue to use product to smooth. Once both sections are plaited wrap them around each other in different directions. Secure the bun with high quality bobby pins; this will make a huge difference to the longevity and elegance of the look, I highly recommend a no slip bobby pin, the extra expense is worth it and if you look after them they will last longer.

2. Glamour Waves Are Rolling In

The Look: Glamorous waves that sit neatly at the side of the face and cascade down the back were on nearly every catwalk show for the season. The look dawns from fifties starlets and has been revived by the likes of Dita Von Teese. This style is high glamour and minimum effort, with a little planning it will stay beautiful all day, and go from stylish day to sexy night. For those with short hair this look translates beautifully lending a vintage French touch, think Chanel in the 1920’s.

How to do it: This look actually starts with the product you use to wash your hair; it demands healthy, ultra smooth and shiny hair. As I always advise use the best shampoo, conditioner and shining serum you can afford. This style is best done when the hair has more body and little natural oil, the day after washing is best. Working with damp hair, start by brushing the hair out so it is sleek and smooth, create a side part, and use bobby pins at two inch intervals at the base of the forehead starting from the part and continuing to the ears. Smooth the other side, gather the remaining hair back and plait, secure and leave to dry (for those with short hair simply comb the remaining hair back and sleek down with a gel or mousse). After 15 minutes of air drying the bobby pins and plait will set the hair. Simply take out the pins and undo the plait to reveal natural effortless waves. Use your hairdryer on cool to give the hair some body and spray with shine serum to finish the look.

3. Get the Decorators In

The Look: Hair accessories played a key part in fashion shows this season and not just as functional items but as display decoration. Barrettes and bows took pride of place at the front of the hair. Jewels, sequins, diamonds and pearls also played a part. This season dressing your hair is almost as important as the outfit you wear.

How to do it: This is a frivolous look for the season and can allow you to have some fun, however don’t over invest; try to buy classic pieces that will last you through this fashion and into the future. Simple diamante slides, a black crystal head band, and a classic collection of barrettes should see you through. The rule of the game here is to mix it up and go for something a little edgy. For those with short hair this is look is a winner. This style is ideal for those with hair that is 2 – 3 inches long, your hair should be dry and a little oily, also spray with shining serum before beginning. Using the Scunci No Slip bobby pins in Silver, sweep small sections of the hair back and secure with a bobby pin, do this all over to create a pixie like look. The front sections should be swept back cleanly and in a flattering part, however the back should look a little haphazard giving you a textured and playful look.