Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles - A Look at the Types of Sedu Style Haircuts

Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

For all of you who've been wondering about how all celebrities manage to sport gorgeous straight hair - the secret is out! With a sedu flat iron, now you can also create and sport unlimited hairstyles. Sedu flat irons are made up of tourmaline ceramic tiles. When you use them, tourmaline crystals combine with negative ions to give you straight and smooth hair for a longer duration. In case you are wondering, sedu is simply an abbreviation of the word seduction. So let's look at some of the most popular sedu hairstyles.

Sleek and casual: This is perhaps the most famous of all sedu hairstyles sported by Jennifer Aniston in FRIENDS. To get this hairstyle, shampoo your hair and then towel dry it. Now apply some conditioner to make your hair soft and flattened. Let the conditioner in your hair for 2-5 minutes to prevent excessive drying and/or damaging of the hair. Add hair gel and hair serum in equal quantity to make it shiny and sleek. The combo of hair gel and serum keeps your hair from frizzing and makes it look silky. Dry your hair using a blower and round brush. Once your hair is dry insert two-inch section of the hair between the sedu iron plates sliding down your hair from top to bottom. Finally, spray shine gel on sections of your hair and flat iron it without brushing it.

Chic style: Desperate Housewife star Eva Longoria sports this hairstyle. This is a little different than the sleek and casual hairstyle. Once you've conditioned your hair in casual style, make two sections of it and start blow drying it from the back to front. Do it in half-inch sections. You can also create extra volume for this hairstyle by holding brush near the scalp for 5 seconds and then moving through to the end. Use sedu iron on sections where you need smoother texture. Finally, apply hair spray and shine serum casually on the surface of the hair.

The Up-Bun: Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson are often spotted sporting this hairstyle. Get your hair straight and nice following the procedure of chic and casual hairstyle. Now apply firm-hold gel on the sides and at the top and comb into a tight ponytail. Secure with pins and back comb remaining section of the hair. Take a strip of hair from the underside and coil it around your hair band. Like this, take the strips of hair and pin them on top of the hair band until all hair is pinned. Spray back, front and sides with some more firm spray gel.