Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Hair Styles Fashion in 2010

If you are thinking of leaving your hair grow longer, think again. Short is in, long is out in 2010. This is the year of short hair and crazy styled in various ways, starting from the typical bob, pixie and edgy short.

Just watch a bit the latest fashion shows on the television network or the gossip column pictures in the magazines. Most of the stars have cut their hair shorter than they used to have before. Ease of wear and convenience are two main phrases that are this year associated with the new hot trend. It does help that many women actually improve their appearances by wearing their mane short due to their face sculpture. While long is good for some, short is good for most.

The most typical hairstyle associated with short hair is the well known bob. This one is really a style that is well suited for any woman, no matter the age or face traits. With a longer face, go for a longer bob. And if you have straight mane, the bob is definitely for you. You don't even have to style it, as it sits just the way it should. If you're 'unlucky' to have curly locks, there is no need to worry either. With the many hair-straightening products available today, there is no reason not to go for bob, none at all. Nicole Richie is a prime example of wearing this style just now. A particular variant of it is the inverted bob. Check out photos of Audrey Tautou to see what I mean.

The pixie cut is a hairstyle that can be recreated by cutting the hair really thin alongside the ears. This is made to have the short mane very close to the head. You might want to have longer locks in the back or at the sides, but avoid having them longer in the front. Just check some of Katie Holmes' recent photos at Google images and you'll see my point. Really cute this one!

The edgy short hairstyle is a technique that again Victoria Beckham has brought into spotlight. While some people shy away from this as they feel their face becomes sharper and less feminine, this is in fact not true. You can have a softer cut or a highly strung hairstyle, all depending on what will match best your personality and the shape of your face. Don't be afraid to experiment and discuss with your hairstylist the options available to you to get the maximum of this new gorgeous look