Saturday, April 17, 2010

Short cropped haircuts for 2010

Short cropped haircuts, spiked hairstyles look funky and sexy on both men and women. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear short hairstyles many different ways. The Short cropped hairstyles is quite simple and undoubtedly classic. It's been a standard for years and hasn't wavered far from its inherently basic look. Trendy short hairstyles of the moment bring a completely new spin to an understated style!

How to Cut Short Cropped Haircuts pictures
cuts cropped short hair styles

Short cropped haircuts they differ slightly from the traditional short hair. Don't expect much variety here, but do expect heads to turn if you sport this minimal, no-nonsense style consisting of ear-length hair and very straight bangs that just graze or cover the eyebrows. This look works best on individuals with naturally straight hair. Consider it a very dramatic take on the classic short cropped hairstyles.