Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Hair Color Trends

Blonde hair
For 2010 the high-gloss golden blonde shades Move Towards muted and matte blondes - Think Mink muted, sandy blonde shades are more like That Rather Than Rock'n'Roll glossy Hollywood Red Carpet. Premise that blondes are adaptable Any skin tone, making Them Very Wearable and perfect if you've never tried blonde hair color the before.

Red Hair
Why go red of you're going to be shy about it? There's a whole new spectrum of red shades for 2010 out there: vivid, fiery, full-on rends like cherry, blood-orange, vibrant strawberry blonde and deep aubergine – this year red will be more striking than ever. Stronger orange-based red shades work best on pale skin tones, but warmer skin tones can suit red shades too – go for a darker mahogany, auburn and deep plum shades. The deeper shades will suit you if you have hazel, green or brown eyes.

hair color for short haircuts

Brown Hair
In 2010 dark hair color shades are really brought to life. From rich marmite brown and deep mahogany to glossy maroon or burnt toffee, the new color palette is very striking. Look for underlying warmth for a lustruous glow when choosing shades this season. Warm skin tones should opt for clay shades, while cool skin tones work best with bitter chocolate and ash tones.