Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Fashion for Girl

New Fashion for Girl
New Fashion for Girl

New Fashion for Active Girl.

New Fashion :

We find ourselves at a cross roads, the air is calm, the fear subsided and a stir is rising in the factories, fields and high street coffee shops. I am talking about the anticipated economic recovery, or is it a recovery?

Fashion for many is like football, golf or swimming, the pursuit of the perfect game, round or lap, just like sport we who seek to be fashionable, and in honesty that is a large portion of society, sometimes get it wrong in our pursuit for perfection. However I doubt there is any one person on the planet who didn't have fun doing it regardless of the outcome.

Now as like fashion and sport, the economic stability and development of a nation is distinctly similar. Our great nations across the planet have been striving for hundreds of years to create the perfect social, political, technological and financial system and yet there always appears to be changes afoot. So like the fashions in society, politics, and technology it seems only predictable that finance also had to have its day of out with the old and in with the new. Some might say it was long over due. Now what we all must hope for is that the new heads of finance and development don't forget all too quickly the bad jacket day they had at the back end of 2008.

We find quite clearly by simply looking around our world that clothing is not the only thing that comes in fashions. Almost anything that you can quantify comes and goes and can be labelled fashion. Sometimes fashions come and go all too quickly like Fawlty Towers (12 episodes). Sometimes fashions hang around way too long like reality TV shows. Sometimes great fashions make a comeback like rock music and the rubix cube and sometimes a fashion re-invents itself like Opal fruits to Starburst.

What we never want to see again is the fashion off bad banking and poor management of our financial institutions nor the big gapping hole left behind by the greed that was the root of it.

Be watchful of fashions in your area. If you see a disastrous pair of socks stamp it out. If you see your MP not pulling his or her weight make a noise. If you have some terrible tunes in your music collection throw them out, and if you see or hear of poor financial practices point it out to the public. We are the ones who can regulate our country, we have the power of the polls; don't let our money be used recklessly ever again. POINT IT OUT.

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