Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Modern Hairstyles - Sexy For Boys 2010

This is a versatile cut for men who prefer longer hair. The hair is cut in long layers all over. The natural wave adds a contemporary texture. For a more professional look the hair can be combed back with gel.
Sometimes the best looking style for long hair is just to let it hang freely. Smooth combed hair can be very stylish and attractive on men. Sometimes a little gel or other type of styling product should be used to keep hair from being frizzy but be sure not to apply too much product or your hair will look greasy.

Modern Hairstyles - Sexy  For  Boys 2010
Modern Hairstyles - Sexy For Boys 2010

Other types of styles for long hair include dreadlocks or corn rows. These types of styles are most common for men of African decent who have very curly hair but Caucasian men can sometimes wear dreads and cornrows if their hair is the right texture. Dreadlocks and cornrows require a visit to the salon or at least assistance from someone who knows how to style hair in that manner.