Monday, February 1, 2010

Emo Hair Styles for Emo Girls

The Emo hair style and cut are some of the most obvious symbols that people are into the whole Emo scene. In 2008 Emo hair styles are becoming increasingly common, although it is becoming more difficult to ascertain whether those with the hairstyle are true to the Emo scene or not.Emo hair is usually symbolised by a black colouring that is normally brought from a bottle. Boys and girls will both use highlights to add a bit of colour through streaks. The other commonality is that both sexes will have their fringe hang down over one eye.There is though no set way for creating yourEmo hair cut and style.

Emo hair styles for emo girls and emo boys in 2008

Emo hair is about individuality and experimentation. Don’t spend loads of money just experiment until you find something you are comfortable with, although don’t expect it to be low maintenance.

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