Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trendy Mullet Emo Hairstyles For Emo Youth

Trendy Emo Hairstyles - Mullet Emo Hair
The mullet is one of the trendiest emo hairstyles. This can be worn by both boys and girls. In this style, the back of the hair has a ling pony tail. Many a times it’s dragged to one side of the head. In this style if the bangs are taken to the right side, then the tail is taken to the left side.

Black Mullet Emo Hair for Boys

A straight fringe over the forehead is also used for emo hairstyles. Hair extensions are usually black in color and can be used extensively. One can also use dyed extensions depending on the color of the hair.

Mad Rad Mullet Emo Hair

The block fringe is done in such away that it partially covers the eyes. The tips of the fringes can also be dyed another color. If you want to tie your hair to one side, then a number of hair clips and grips can be used. By using spray, the spikes in the hair can be used.

For guys the straight fringe will almost cover the eyes. The hair is usually cut straight and has layers which reach till the jaw line. Boys can also wear bandanas, which can be black, white or red. Boys also highlight their fringes in the opposite color to that of their dyed hair. Related Posts with Thumbnails