Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top Secrets from the Hair Pros For A-list Clients

Hair Pros For A-list Clients
Celebrity stylists reveal the tricks that keep their A-list clients looking so gorgeous

1. Cool Your Conditioner
"Leave conditioner in the fridge to keep it cool. This way, it will instantly seal the cuticles because it's already at a low temperature." -- celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter

2. Apply Product Strategically
"Where you should apply product depends on texture. For fine hair, concentrate volumizers near the root for body and lift. For other textures, don't start at the top of your head or with your bangs because too much styling or smoothing product there will weigh down your hair." -- celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright

3. Rinse, Then Rinse Again
"The key to a sleek, shiny finish is a thorough cleansing. Take the time to rinse well-- leftover oils, dirt and products make hair look dull and lifeless. A clean canvas ensures a great style." -- celebrity hairstylist David Babaii

4. Plump Up Fine Hair
"Mousse is great for adding volume to fine hair. Apply it only to the roots-- to avoid making hair appear stringy-- then hold hair vertically and blast with heat to seal in volume." -- celebrity hairstylist Richard Marin

5. Fix Flyaways
"Spritz holding spray onto a natural-bristle eyebrow brush. Use it to lock unruly hairs into place around your part, hairline and above the ears." -- celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend

6. Butter Up Brittle Strands
To moisturize dry hair, apply organic almond butter to the parched areas. Let the butter soak in for 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse well. -- David Babaii

7. Dry Curls Like a Pro
"Blow-drying curly hair can be tricky. The key is to keep your blow-dryer on the lowest setting and direct the air downward to prevent frizz. Want more definition? Once it's completely dry, set your hair in large heated rollers, tucking the hair under and rolling up instead of outward. Leave the rollers in for 20 minutes and then run your fingers through your hair to create loose, flowing curls." -- celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai

8. Beat the Bends
Hold loose strands back while applying your makeup with a duckbill clip. Place a folded tissue (or a business card) between your hair and the clip to prevent creases. -- Tippi Shorter

9. Updating Your Hair Color? Update Your Lipstick
Kiyah Wright suggests switching your lip color so the new shades work together. Here are her perfect pairings:

Blond: Blond hair looks great with pastel pink lip hues, as well as rich tomato-y reds.

Redhead: Red is a bold hair color, so use rosy lipsticks and lip stains that match your natural lip color.

Brunette: Plum, nude and sheer lip tones all work best with dark hair

10. Speed Up Your Blowout
Celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi gives his top three tips for reducing your blow-drying time:
1. Divide your hair into three sections: left, right and back.
2. Use the nozzle attachment on the end of your blow-dryer. It focuses the air directly on your hair.
3. Blast the back section with cool air and finish blow-drying in the front. Why? Hot air opens the hair shaft, causing it to dry less quickly.
11. Shower Sans Shampoo
"The natural oil in your scalp is the best conditioner you can get, so wash your hair every two or three days rather than daily. After a workout, shower as usual, but instead of shampooing, just wet the hair and massage your scalp with your fingers." -- Mark Townsend

12. Score Pin-Straight Strands
Using a flatiron will keep your hair straighter for much longer than blow-drying alone. The heat and pressure combined with the technology in the iron's plates seal hair cuticles and eliminate frizz. If you have fine hair, you'll want to set your iron between 410 and 425 degrees-- you don't need as much heat as thicker hair textures do. If you have curly or coarse hair, your locks can handle up to 475 degrees. Always use a thermal protective spray before flatironing, no matter what your hair type. -- celebrity hairstylist Kimberly Kimble

13. Use Beer for Brightening
Lemon and beer keep blond hair from fading in the summer. Simply squeeze a lemon into a glass of beer, then pour it over hair. Let it soak for five minutes while sitting in the sun, then shampoo and condition. Do this weekly to brighten color. -- Oscar Blandi

14. Swap Your Elastics
"Bungee elastics are perfect for creating damage-free ponytails that don't fall or loosen. Unlike regular hair elastics, you don't have to pull hair through them, which makes your hair less prone to snags. The hook closures give you the control to make them as tight as you like." -- celebrity hairstylist Staci Child

15. Dry, Don't Fry
"For a damage-free blowout, set your blow-dryer to medium heat. Newer dryers can go up to 3,000 watts. That much heat could cause breakage." -- celebrity hairstylist Oribe

16. Touch Up A Blowout
A ceramic heating comb has tiny teeth that are great for smoothing out curly hair. When you need your blowout to last another day or two, use it to straighten fuzzy strands around your roots and the hairline. -- Tippi Shorter

17. Condition with Care
"The scalp's natural oils condition, so keep conditioner away from your roots when washing hair to avoid weighing down your locks. To be safe, start applying it at least three or four inches away from your scalp." -- Mark Townsend

18. Erase Your Mistake
A little heavy-handed with your product? Kimberly Kimble explains how to fix it:

Serum: Wipe it off with a plush towel-- the cotton will absorb the excess.

Gel: Apply water with a spray bottle to dilute the gel in your hair. Then blow-dry the area and start from the beginning.

Hairspray: Let it dry, then spritz a little shine spray on top to loosen up the stiffness of the alcohol in the hairspray.

Pomade: There's no going back. Work with it by changing your style to a pulled-back ponytail or chignon.

19. Avoid Serum Overload
The right amount depends on your hair texture. Use these guidelines from hairstylist Tippi Shorter:

Fine Hair: If you have fine or thin hair, never use more than a dime-size amount.

Medium Hair: If you have medium hair, a nickel-size amount will be sufficient.

Thick Hair: For thick hair, you'll need to use a quarter-size amount.

20. Double Up
"This lavender-scented wax stick imparts both polished and piece-y strands. Use a dab on your fingertips to smooth around the hairline or to create styles with a rock and roll texture. Just be sure not to use too much, or your hair will get greasy." -- Kiyah Wright