Friday, January 22, 2010

Stretch-Jeans AWARDS in fashion

All About Low-Rise Jeans :

In today's world there's so plenty of fashions to pick from, so plenty of ways to define your own style, that learning how to master any one trend can be a daunting task. Plenty of of my personal favorite fashions to wear are from the 60s and 70s. One trend that has caught on is low rise jeans. Plenty of young teens have embraced these jeans, but to wear them with confidence, you require to know the codes of conduct!

To make your purchase truly versatile, you must select on the length of the pant. Over likely you will require the option to wear them with both flats and heels. Pants that are touching the ground will be the best option. If you are short like me, you will probably must get them tailored, or buy a more expensive brand that offers a variety of inseam (defined as the length from the crotch to the bottom of the leg) options.

If you are new to the style, the bet thing you can do is head to a giant mall or outlet center where you can try on plenty of different cuts and washes. A lovely rule of thumb is to start by trying them on in one size bigger than you normally wear. Wearing them slightly large will help you avoid the number one mistake with these jeans: the dreaded muffin top. No one wants to spill out! For narrow people any rise (the rise of a pant is defined as the distance between the crotch and the waistband) will usually work. For everyone else, experiment with a moderate low rise (7-10 inches).

Matching your ensemble with this style is a cinch! The most flattering look on everyone is a shirt with an empire waist. This will give a flowing look and will emphasize your natural lines. bracelets (they will hang around hip level when your arms are down) and belts will draw attention to your defined hip line.

Also, this trend is NOT for the ladies. Men who are mostly in shape look great in this style, when paired with a unique looking belt. For the guys, the rises tend to be more moderate, around 7-10 inches versus a typical 12. Men will also require to go after a looser, baggier fit. The style looks relaxed, like you came in from a day at the beach.

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