Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special Selection of Stylish Fashion Tees

Girls, if you think t-shirts are boring, think again! With all these Revolve Clothing new collection, simple tee shirt turns fabulous!

Splendid Very Light & Fashionable Jersey Top in Azalea women fashion style blous

Check out this comfy ruffle T-shirt by Splendid. The beauty of this design is its simplicity. It use sheer fabric and if you match it up with a nice pencil skirt, you’re ready to party! You wear black and you’d never go wrong, especially with the special designed tee.

Other unique t-shirt is from Los Angeles-based designers Josh and He Yang. They find inspiration in texture and the imperfections in nature, filtering this vision through a multicultural urban lens. Their collection is filled with handcrafted garments that drape and transform the body into a free form. And this slightly torn tee shirt is one of their best designs. The girl look so powerful in it!

hero crane Wave T in Nude women fashion style revolve clothing top apparel

Now, if you’re feeling feminine, you can try this ruffle on the back t-shirt and a classic neckline ruffle T-shirt. Ruffles create a delicate and feminine look, acting almost as an accessory, so leave the piles of extra jewelry at home. Stick to simple accessories, try a bangle or a cuff to off-set the ruffles, or a great pair of earrings. Guess, now, you’re ready to go!

Juicy Couture Flutter Tee in Tulip top women blouse shirt fashion style