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Paris Hilton - A Fashion Icon :

What would you see when you look at Paris Hilton's wardrobe?

The main mark of Paris Hilton's fashion is luxury. Checking her fashion items would lead you to brand names which established her as an heiress fashion icon.

Who among us would not need signature brand names & patent designs to wear at our leisure? Who doesn’t need to impose the presence of opulence & grandeur? Nobody wants to be at the edge of the present fashion of coursework but not everyone could ride along. Well Paris Hilton is basically a downright rare species.

Being an heiress of three of the most well recognized hotels in the world, Paris Hilton could have access to all sorts of fashion items he wants, this making her an absolutely stunning fashion icon. He could easily finance all her wants in terms of clothes, accessories & eyewear without having to worry about the consequent loss of money. Unlike plenty of of us, he was endowed with a great sum of fortune that he could buy fashion items that so plenty of of us could only wish for. Her type of fashion may be pointed as three of the main factors why young female American teenagers emulate her. He appears to be the embodiment of lavish fashion sense that knows no limit. He even has collections of various brand names that could sum up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To give you a better idea of what type of fashion items he's & the brand names he normally uses, they will give you a partial breakdown of her items.

Dresses- Paris Hilton gets a lot of top-rated fashion designer dresses including names like Diane Von Furstenberg, Louis Vuitton , Tiffany Alana, Karan Zambos, Jennifer Nicholson, BCBG, Dolce & Gabbana & Mandalay. You could also see tags like Julien Macdonald, King William Clothing, & T-Bags.

Pants & jeans- It is notable that Paris Hilton seldom wears pants but among her famous brands are Petro Zillia's, Da-Nang & Romeo & Juliet pants. Her jeans, however, are comprised of selections from Chick, Ranahan, Rock & Republic, Rich & Skinny & William Rast jeans.

Shoes- What more could you expect from her shoes? He's everything at her disposal & he can buy & wear every single pair of shoe he wants. He's an assortment of pumps, sandals, boots, sneakers, heels & flip flops. The common names her footwear has are Christian Dior, Stuart Weitzman, Tylie Malibu, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, & Miu Miu. Well if those were not great brand names , then you'll be frustrated to find that there's nothing in the market that would surpass them.

Shirts- Her shirts are equally glamorous which comprise of tank tops, halters, thermals, puffed sleeves, v-necks, & blouses of all sorts. Brands & fashion designers like Rebecca Taylor, Nanette Lepore, Chick by her father Nicky Hilton, Lauren Alexander, Alice & Trixie, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ema Savahl, Sass & Bide, & Anna Sui are typically worn on her back. T- Shirts, on the other hand, have selections from Von Dutch, Chick, Junk Food, Famous Stars & Straps & vintage tee shirts.

Skirts- Her skirts are second to none. He's a collection of tropic skirts, broom skirts, sport skirts, mini skirts, & pencil skirts. He also has an assortment of Chick broom skirts by Nicky Hilton, minis by Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael Kors Sequined skirt, & Valentino skirts.

Active wear- As you might have noticed, Paris Hilton has a penchant for active wears. He can be seen wearing drawstring pants, zip jackets, hooded jackets, cargo pants, jerseys & other sports attires. Her brand names are dominated by 2 B Free pants & sweaters, Juicy, Chick, L.A.M.B, Adidas, Junk Food, & Ankh active wear.

If this were a query of what he contributed actually, then you can rest assured that he's positively contributed her sense of fashion & taste which are obvious with her choices of clothing, footwear, bags, jewelries & accessories.

Bags- There is no more need to ask what names are printed on her bags. But to give you details, the ones that are often seen handled by Paris Hilton are Samantha Thavasa by Nikki Hilton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Melie Bianco, Chloe, Fendi, Heather Hawkins, & Isabella Fiore.

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