Monday, January 18, 2010

Medium Short Hairstyles

It is difficult enough to decide on the perfect hairstyle for the bride; figuring out the best look for a group of bridesmaids too can be even more challenging. If your bridesmaids have medium length hair, you will at least find that it is a versatile length with many pretty options for hairdos. Try out one or more of these lovely bridesmaid hairstyles for your attendants with medium length hair.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is important that your bridesmaids have hairdos that match the style of their dress and the tone of your wedding. This is not to say, however, that they should also match each other. In fact, a group of bridesmaids all with the same hair and makeup like a line of chorus girls is a very passé look. Not to mention which, it is unlikely that one style is going to be equally attractive on all of your attendants. It is much better to give them some general guidelines and then allow them to work with their hairstylist to come up with the best individual option for each woman.

If your wedding is formal or in the evening, you may wish to request that your bridesmaids wear their hair up. Medium length hair is great for this; there is enough hair to fashion into a style that will hold, and yet not so much hair an updo becomes too heavy or cumbersome to endure all night. The trend these days for both brides and bridesmaids is for updos that feel natural, rather than too stiff or contrived. What to avoid? Anything that smacks of the high school prom, such as stiff curls pinned atop the head or formed curled tendrils on each side of the face.