Saturday, January 30, 2010

Island Blue Bikinis in fashion Cool

Bikini Costume Party :

Looking for an exciting event to invite all of your friends to? Why not throw a bikini costume party? It is a incredible way for people to meet & mingle. It doesn't even need to be a holiday. You can have a simple get together with your close friends.

Tiny Red Riding Hood
pull out your red brazilian bikini & throw a red scarf around your head. Take out a red sweater & toss it around your shoulders buttoning the top button. Finish it all off with a pair of white knee high boots.

Here a few ideas on how to make home made bikini costumes with easy items you can probably find in your closet. You can have the party at the beach where everyone can try out their swimwear in the water or rent a room at a local spa where your guest can stay inside. If it is going to be a dry beaching party then have it in your home.

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Cat Woman
Get out your black thong bikini & throw on your high heel black boots. Grab a black belt for your waist & find that black choker to put around your neck. You can receive a black mask for your eyes at the dollar store in the toy section.

Fetch that plaid bikini you have been hiding. Receive a handkerchief & tie it around your neck. Slip on some cowboy boots. Tie your hair up in pigtails & throw a loose belt around your waist. If you have some brown suede gloves, throw them on for an added effect.

Locate your nicest blue or grey string bikini. Pull out a blue or grey suit jacket & put it on. Get out a pair of sheer blue or grey panty hose & blue or grey stiletto heels to top it off. Throw on a hat as well as a tie to make it official.

These are a few suggestions to help you along. I am sure two times you start going through your closet, you'll come up with ideas of your very own. Be creative & recall it is a costume party so you can be whoever you need to be. Have fun.