Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Feelings OF A Truly Emo Should Be

How to be Truly Emo

As emo culture has become increasingly popular, many people have chosen to adopt certain aspects of the emo style without fully embracing the emo lifestyle. This had led to considerable controversy as those who consider themselves “true” emo are angered by those who simply pretend to be because they think it is trendy.

Emo Couple

What exactly makes someone a real emo, though, can be somewhat confusing. First, of course, there is the visible style expressed through one’s clothing and hairstyle choices. However, emo goes beyond a superficial look. It ultimately means identifying closely with one’s emotional self and not being afraid to express how you truly feel.

Creative pursuits, like music and art, are one key way that emo people seek to understand and express their inner feelings. In fact, emo bands are a major part of the culture. To be emo, one must not only appreciate the famous emo musicians, though. Instead, you must also look into new, obscure groups whose musical style and lyrics appeal to your feelings. Most importantly, though, to be emo you need to be true to yourself. This means finding ways to show off your individuality without merely copying what you see others doing. Related Posts with Thumbnails