Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion Show in love

Best Fashion Show For Girl

Unique Barbie Party Idea: Try a Tea Party and Fashion Show! :

The Barbie doll, which will be 50 years elderly in 2009, has what appears to be an boundless number of lines, including American Idol Barbie, Barbie Magic of Pegasus, & Happy Birthday Barbie. It’s wonderful to believe that Ruth Handler created the doll in the early 1950s basically to satisfy her daughter’s desire to play with an adult-looking doll as opposed to a infant. Her husband & Mattel, his employer at the time, did not initially like the idea, but after Handler’s redesign of a French doll, introduced it at a New York City toy fair in 1959. Today, Mattel sells 1.5 million Barbie dolls each week. With the remarkable popularity of Barbie, a party themed after her can be a great afternoon shindig for a young girl.

Young girls (& lots of grown up ones), love to dress up. The Barbie tea party & fashion show invitations should request that each girl dress up & bring their favorite Barbie. The highlight of the party will be the fashion show. There's one ways to do this. Each girl can report their own wardrobe & accessories along with what their Barbie is wearing, or you could write something up fun & comic while the girls are drinking tea & eating. Either way, the girls are sure to have a smashing nice time!

A Barbie theme party is actually common. If your daughter wants to have a Barbie party with her friends, but wants to do something unique, an afternoon tea party & fashion show is an idea. The tea party doesn’t must be extravagant. Whether you use real dishes or not is up to you. However, you might not require to use your best china if the girls are young. There's lots of cheap tea sets on the market. Your daughter could play host & serve her guests or you could do the honors. In lieu of cake & cookies, offering the guests scones, which are perfect with tea, or some other light confection is a nice plan. Check with parents to see if there's any special diets that you require to take in to consideration.

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