Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebrity Fashion : Alizee is beatiful

Alizee was born on August, 21st, 1984 in Ajaccio in the south of France, at coast of Corsica. Since four years it was engaged in dances and till now most of all likes to dance. In December, 1999 Alizee there was in a telecast " a Beginning star " untwisting young talents, but has not passed selection round. In a month Alizee has come again, and this time has passed competition. Moreover, this song has allowed Alizee to win on final transfer a nomination " the Beginning singer "! Owing to this performance Alizee has noticed Milen Farmer. It also has undertaken promotion of career Alizee. By interview, Alizee - the usual teenager. It while especially does not reflect on the further career. Itself Alizee it dreams to be removed in a musical comedy. The girl possesses a wonderful voice and magnificent disk. Naturally, all private life pretty "Lolita" interests, but here it is laconic. Yes, бойфренд there is, but everything, that it concerns, Alizee keeps secret, even the name does not speak meticulous journalists. And in young men most of all appreciates fidelity. In general, for the present it is not clear, that will grow from new "asterisk" - the second Milen Farmer, Vanessa Paradise or French Britney Spears. Clearly one - while it will be not not left by Milen Farmer, there is a chance, that music Alizee will progress.