Friday, February 29, 2008

Front view of super short sexy bob (photo)

Great bob for thick hair. The profile side view of this same cut is below.

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Lip length Bob Very short bob (Photo profile)

Great super short bob for thick hair. Comes to the cheekbones, shaved in the back.

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Gorgeous a-line bob (front view photo)

One length chin length bob haircut. Blond hair, straight, side part, angled.

Great look for women of all ages.

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Gorgeous a-line bob (Back view photo)

Rear view of the angled bob. shaved at the nape

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Gorgeous a-line bob hairstyle- (side profile view photo)

blond, blonde angled bob. Short and cropped in the back, long on the sides.

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Short Angled bob with bangs (side shot photo)

Great angled bob for thick hair.

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new angled bob haircut (sie view photo)

Short in the back, long in the front, some layers

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Auburn Bob (photo) Haircut hairstyle

Great color and cut here. Uneven part with mid-length bangs. Some angling or framing around the face. Good haircut for oval faces.

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Soft layered shoulder length dark hair (photo) hairstyle Haircut

Beautiful cut, reminds me of Courtney Cox. Love the soft bangs and layers around the face.

Shoulder-length hair, medium length haircut, layers, layered, long shag, bangs

2008 Best Haircut -layered shoulder length Side swept bangs (photo)

Great layered shoulder length hairstyle for straight brunette hair. This would look good on a blonde or redhead too. Would be excellent for someone with thick hair. And beautiful color too! A deep brunette.

My first favorite haircut of 2008!

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Cropped Bob with Chunky red Highlights (photo)

Cute haircut with long bangs, side part, layers on the side,

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Long haircut hairstyle for women in their 30's or 40's (photo)

Great cut for women who want longer hair in their 30's or 40's

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

French braid from the back (photo)

french twist (photo back view)

updo, formal French twist

Beautiful red curly hair bride hairstyle with tiara (photo)

2008 Wedding idea for rhinestone tiara, red hair

bridal hairstyle, bride hair, tiara veil

Fantastic color! Platinum Blonde & Red Redhead!

A current Marilyn Monroe, Christina Agulera color and haircut and a fabulous beyond I Love Lucy redhead with great bangs.

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Cute Hairstyle for teenager or college student

long straight brunette hair with blond highlights, long side bangs

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Gallery of Prom or Wedding Photos

Front, side, and back photos of updos, formal hairstyles, and hair for weddings.


Wedding hair, updo, flower comb, curls, prom hair,

Prom Hairstyle for Long hair (side view photo)

wavy updo with side swept bangs, long curly in back.

prom hairstyle, formal hairstyle, bride wedding hair.

Prom Hair for Long hair (back view photo)

Lovely hairstyle for prom, updo and long in the back.

Curly, wavy, waves, bangs, see side photo below.

Prom photo, formal hairstyle, weddin hairstyle, bridemaid hair, maid of honor hair, homecoming dance hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle with Veil (back view photo)

Veil can be removed for the reception.

Formal look, bride hairstyle, hairstyles, hair, updo, formal styles.

Prom Hairstyle for Long hair (photo front & back view)

This would also be a great hairstyle for a wedding or Maid of Honor with long hair. Good for black hair as well as thick brunette or blonde hair.

Braids and curls and waves

Prom Hairstyle Updo long in the back.

Blond wedding or prom hair (front view photo)

Wispy bangs and updo for formal event.

wedding hair, bridesmaid hairstyle, prom hairstyle, updo

Formal hairdo, hairstyle for prom or wedding (photo back view)

Beautiful updo with blond highlights for homecoming, prom, or a wedding.

A ponytail transformed into a formal look.

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Wedding Hairstyle (photo back view)

Formal wedding or prom hair. Blonde thick hair, updo


Bride hairstyle, wedding hairstyle, bridesmaid hair, prom updo hairstyle

Back View of Prom Hairstyle updo (Photo)

Ribbons woven through beautiful updo prom or wedding hairstyle This would make a great hairstyle for a bridesmaid.

* * *
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Updo black hair (photo) prom or wedding hairstyle

Gorgeous hairstyle

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Redhead Pixie cut (photo)

Another cute pixiecut. Red hair, with layers and side parted. Very styish and cute. Cropped in the back.

Super short hair - Pixie cut

This haircut reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis short hairdo. It's almost a buzz cut on the sides, but there's enough in front so it's quite stylish. This haircut looks great on women with gray hair.

Short haircuts, short hairstyles, Jaime Lee Curtis

Darling pixie hair

super short haircut for women. This would actually look great on women in their 40's or 50's. An easy to maintain and style.


Pixie haircut, pixie hairstyle. Styles for thick hair.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cute bob for curly hair

SHort sassy haircut, curly hairstyle

Friday, February 22, 2008

Short And Sweet Haircut -Bob Hairstyle

Shaved in the back (back view photo), angled on the side. Thick brunette hair.

Chunky blonde and red highlights

in one length hair

Blue highlighted hair on black hair

Long highlighted shag haircut

An updated Jennifer Aniston cut with side swept bangs and razor layers on the bottom. Long hair cut. Layered in the back.

Short choppy shag haircut (photo)

straight black hair with wispy bangs, shorter in back, longer in front

Long Shag Hairstyle with Bangs (Photo)

Thick brunette hair layered into a long shag haircut

Sleek black bob - Hairstyle (photo)

Side part, photo of bob haircut

Side view of Shag Hairstyle - photo

Shag haircut - brunette

Photo of shag haircut

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chin-length bob

Angled bob photos

Very angled bob photos, clipped in back, long in front.

Brunette Bob

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Super curly hair short haircut hairstyle!

This is a very sporty look for someone with extra curly hair. Let your curls go natural and try this bob. The key to this cut is to find a hairstylist who knows curly hair and to cut each ringlet on it's own. Do NOT comb out the curls. You may even want to try a dry cut.

Pink Hair in a French Twist!

Check this out. Pink hair pulled up in a French twish with a rhinestone pin. How to get your hair this pink though? Some said Manic Panic sells interesting hair dyes. Or maybe just buy a pink wig.

I think this if fantastic though. Very B-52s!

Great Braids!

Two braids in back and one French braid across the front! This reminded me of Fergie for some reason. Love it!

Short hairstyle for curly hair

here's a great look for short curly hair. Side part and layered

Cute bob for Asian hair

Love the side swept bangs and short cropped bob!

Monday, February 18, 2008

60's Bob - blonde layered

asymmetrical bob hairstyle with blue stripe!

Very funky modern bob with longer pieces on the side and short angled look.